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Terminal Sentral Kuantan, also known as Kuantan Sentral, is a major transportation hub located in Kuantan, Malaysia. It serves as a central terminal for various modes of public transportation, including buses and taxis.

The terminal is strategically situated in the heart of Kuantan, making it easily accessible to both local residents and tourists. It provides a convenient point of departure and arrival for travelers heading to and from Kuantan and its surrounding areas.

At Terminal Sentral Kuantan, you can find a wide range of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of passengers. These may include ticket counters, waiting areas, restrooms, food stalls, and shops selling various items. The terminal is designed to ensure passenger comfort and convenience during their travels.

Additionally, Terminal Sentral Kuantan may also serve as a transit point for intercity buses, connecting Kuantan to other cities and towns in Malaysia. It plays a vital role in facilitating transportation and enabling smooth travel experiences for commuters and travelers.

Overall, Terminal Sentral Kuantan serves as a central transportation hub in Kuantan, providing a convenient and well-equipped facility for travelers to access different modes of public transportation and reach their destinations efficiently.


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  • Peter Codling
    Peter Codling
    2 months ago

    Terminal Kuantan Sentral 25200 Kuantan, Pahang Kuantan Sentral Terminal has many shops, but be sure to watch your departures because buses may leave from different platforms. The terminal charges RM1.70 for a boarding pass and 50 cents for using the toilet. Overall, it provides necessary amenities for travelers, but it's advisable to stay organized with your travel plans. Terminal Kuantan Sentral is not in an ideal location, as most bus terminals are much closer to the town center. This could be a drawback for travelers who prefer more convenient access to transportation options.

  • Michealangello
    8 months ago

    Poor maintenance, first the ticket exchange counter said they couldn't print out the ticket so just use the online ticket because the ticket print out machine was broken. when we got to the entrance of the departure hall, the gate guard suddenly didn't let us in because we didn't have tickets. He was angry with us again and said why didn't we change the tickets at the counter... the strange thing was that the ticket exchange counter told us that he would inform the gate guard? Does the departure gate guard need to shout to call passengers? Can you use the microphone? It's so easy, you don't have to scream. Do you think your voice can cover the departure hall? limited cafe that open for public till midnight.. only operates until 1.30am, if the ticket bus is at 2.00am it will be dark there because they will turn off all the lights because the operation has ended. pay toilet but not as expected. in the toilet there are many cigarette butts and a strong smell of cigarettes

  • Sarmila Nagendiran
    Sarmila Nagendiran
    2 weeks ago

    Even 1 star is not worth very rude customer service. Especially at ticket checking counter, one malay guy tell me in very rude way to print my ticket ... It's like warn me ... I already wait 20 minutes in long queue to print the ticket and only one counter is open ... I almost left my bus and I just come down to tk the bus without printing. Is that my fault ???? U should open more counter...Management please take action on this..hope all your staff learn how to respect and talk politely to the customer... Please improving

  • Afif Farhan.
    Afif Farhan.
    a week ago

    Don't use some wood decoration to the toilets. Trying to make simple and minimalist just like in MegaMall or East Coast Mall. The difference is you have to pay RM0.50 for Terminal Sentral Kuantan and free of charge for Malls.

  • Iaka fall
    Iaka fall
    4 months ago

    i went there 15 minutes earlier than my ticket. change my ticket upstairs payed another extra RM1.70. but that's fine. because i still have extra 12min i thought of buying some food and eat. after all is said and done. i went down exactly at 3pm. but the gate won't open. i could see the bus Infront of me. but the gate still won't open. The person on the desk is helping another person, so they only help as a minute later. its 3.02pm now. the bus has left us. and the lady at the counter said its our fault ??? we literally saw the bus in front of us and you were helping someone else ???? it's just overall bad management.

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