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Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

To get a good grasp on the royal history of Pahang, one must start with a visit to the State Museum. Located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad and facing the mighty Pahang River, the museum has a well-documented history of the state and its royal house.

It was constructed in the late 1920s by the British Government. During its 124 years of existance, the building was used in various ways, as the official residence of a British Resident during colonial Malaya, an army barracks by the invading Japanese army during WW2, and also as the official palace of Sultan Abu Bakar. It also houses a large collection of ancient Chinese glass-wares and ceramics previously used by former sultans of Pahang. 

It was formally opened by the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah on Oct 21, 1976 and it was named after his father. 

The museum was launched with a new look after a 4 years of refurbishment. It is now equipped with high-definition television screens, WiFi connections, also with wall-mounted and table touchscreens. The project was a part of the overall master plan by the East Coast Economic Region Development Corporation to transform the historical town into a major tourist hub. 

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