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Kimstone Food Court & Hall, nestled in the heart of Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia, serves as a harmonious crossroads of culinary traditions, offering an extensive array of dishes from Malay, Chinese, Indian, and various international cuisines. This venue is more than just a food court; it’s a vibrant cultural melting pot where locals and visitors alike gather to share and celebrate the diversity of flavours and traditions. Its strategic location in the centre of Kuantan makes it an easily accessible haven for food lovers, fostering a sense of community and unity among those who visit. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy Indian curry, a delicate Chinese dim sum, a flavorful Malay dish, or an adventurous international fare, Kimstone Food Court & Hall is the place where culinary barriers are bridged, and every meal is a journey into the heart of Malaysia’s rich and harmonious food culture.


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  • Lena Ng Mun Yee
    Lena Ng Mun Yee
    7 months ago

    It's really over the top as a food court. The tables and landscaping is over the top. What a place to dine in at food court prices. Great place to bring large groups and to take quick insta photo or two. You won't be disappointed at the experience. Food should not be your main point of reason to be here. Ur to be fair it isn't all that bad. It's averagely OK and I don't mind it all. We are sate Zul and bubur special. Parking might be a little problematic being hilly and everything. But that's what gives the place it's vibes. Love the lighting. And yeah you get to get those buzzers to collect your food. And yes it wasn't the fastest. But waiting in a such a pretty spot, enjoy your surroundings and company. Not come here if you need a quick bite if food.

  • Rizal Hassan
    Rizal Hassan
    a month ago

    Huge half moon tent can accommodate 1000 pax at any time...

  • Hasbullah Karim
    Hasbullah Karim
    5 months ago

    Please prepare enough small change as the satay stall, especially, will reluctantly accepted big amt of money. Be careful when you ordered fried chicken wings since it was an old stock, the meats are spoilt and smelly with the bones are black in color. Better buy something that freshly prepared on the spot.

  • Kelvin Ying
    Kelvin Ying
    11 months ago

    Nice environment. Both open air and shaded dining areas available. Mostly selling Malay and fusion food. Siakap tiga rasa set was good. Seafood served was fresh and in generous portion. Reasonable price. Coconut milkshake was life saving in hot weather but slightly too sweet. Overall, enjoyed dinner here.

  • Nahnee Awesome
    Nahnee Awesome
    2 years ago

    came here around 7pm and there were no queue. but shortly after that the queue outside builds up. there were alot of dishes you can choose from here. environment was an open area was great if it’s not raining. alot of seating area . there is no more jaman tory stall here. the korean store is the slowest since it has a lot of orders and the foods from the korean store. was amazing. the otak2 on the table is great too.

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