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Gua Charas is a fascinating cave temple located near Kuantan, in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. This natural limestone cave is set within a limestone mountain known as Bukit Charas, and it’s renowned for its stunning geological formations as well as its spiritual significance. The cave is a place of worship and houses several Buddhist and Hindu statues, making it a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Visitors to Gua Charas can explore its various chambers and admire the remarkable stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s entrance is marked by a steep flight of stairs, leading into the cool interior that holds several altars and religious statues, including a large reclining Buddha statue. The serene and spiritual atmosphere inside the cave offers a tranquil retreat and a chance to reflect.

The history of Gua Charas is intertwined with the local legends and religious practices of the area. It’s believed to have been used as a place of worship and meditation by monks and sages for centuries. Today, it continues to attract both devotees and tourists, drawn by its spiritual ambience and the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Apart from its spiritual significance, Gua Charas is also a popular destination for eco-tourism. The area surrounding the cave features lush vegetation and a diverse range of flora and fauna, providing excellent opportunities for nature walks and bird-watching.

When planning a visit to Gua Charas, it’s advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring along water, as the climb to the cave entrance can be quite strenuous. The panoramic views from the cave, overlooking the Pahang countryside, are well worth the effort, making Gua Charas a must-visit destination for those exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Malaysia.



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  • Sidney Toh
    Sidney Toh
    2 months ago

    Great location for a small hike up to see the cave... I heard it has been there since 1948 and houses Thai Buddhist monks. Hindu temple shared the same cave in 1997. Great care keeper 👍 If you in luck, you might see a white snake.

  • Abu Darda
    Abu Darda
    2 months ago

    Experience: It was a very soothing and awesome view from up there & ngl a lil bit intimidating since it was extremely empty other than me and my friend as tourists and 2-3 ppl only at the ticketing place. If you have fear of heights it can be a bit more intimidating as it happened to my friend but with the courage you can overcome it just like he did and the cave itself was very interesting for me since I've never been to such a large cave ever before. Cost: For each person it charges RM 2 at the entrance area. And for parking RM 2/3 for Cars RM 1 for motorcycles.

  • Tan Choon Kiat
    Tan Choon Kiat
    4 months ago

    Exceptional place to visit! Highly recommended! Simply amazing how they built a place of worship inside a cave! The people managing the place are just so friendly and helpful! Do try put on some good non slip sole shoes because the climb up/down is quite steep but there are bannister/handrails throughout so it's absolutely safe. Absolutely highly recommend to visit! And there are super cute and friendly dogs/puppies at the carpark too that's definitely worth a mention too!

  • Alex Low
    Alex Low
    a week ago

    Parking need RM3, then go into the cave RM2 per person. It is WORTH to go in. It is much bigger compare to the Batu Cave in KL.

  • J
    2 months ago

    It's alright to make the trip here if you haven't seen such caves before. There's a parking warden to collect the parking fee with plenty of parking space (2rm for car), while entrance fee (2rm per pax) is dropped into a box after climbing a flight of stairs. The next series of stairs to the cave are straightforward to climb too (solid steps and railings). Total trip within was about 1h as it's not a very big cave to walk too long in. There's a general advice to visit at 11am-12pm as there is a ray of sunlight that comes through a ceiling hole in the cave and shines upon the resting Buddha. It's pretty empty for weekday so don't worry about crowds. Overall I would not reco a visit here if you are here for tourism and have been to other caves before - it's more of a place to pray for blessings tbh

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