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Sunny days are perfect for a visit to the waterpark, and there’s no better place to stay cool and get wet than at Bukit Gambang Water Park! Nestled in 46 acres of natural hilly terrain and lush secondary jungle, the park offers a tropical atmosphere like no other.

Featuring a wave pool with 8 different wave modes, an interactive aqua play structure for children, and the longest family raft ride in Malaysia, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! We pride ourselves on being the first park in Malaysia to implement a fully cashless transaction system. Our innovative “E-value” system allows visitors to store cash digitally on their wristbands, eliminating the need for physical cash for any in-park purchases. How convenient!

Grab a float and dive into the fun! What are you waiting for?



Google Reviews

3,174 reviews
  • Muhammad Syazwan Adenan

    This place is a little bit crowded during school holidays. But,you still have fun playing in the water park. Very recommended.

  • islahuddin md. sahat
    islahuddin md. sahat
    7 months ago

    2nd time visited pahang and 1st time coming here with my children.. it is a good place for your children to have fun with water if you don't have another waterpark to go.. the facilities are still good and the tickets to enter the park are still reasonable.. you can find much more excitement park than this place but you need to get ready to spend more money than here.. for me, this place just enough for my children to spend their weekend if we don t have any place to go..

  • Nadia AlZawawi
    Nadia AlZawawi
    2 months ago

    A nice surprise... But I suppose they didn't expect the turn up to be that much on a rainy day. The location is a little scary at first... And only the water park is open at the moment. The park is hidden from the parking space so you might be curious on what was in store. The entrance fee was affordable and worth it if you plan to stay the whole day, but for the food wise would have preferred if they have more options and volume.. But then again maybe they weren't expecting too many guests since it was raining. But very good and friendly service, ample place and space to roam about. But as usual, bathroom is a bit too dark and can be updated. I have good hopes for this place, hopefully it will fully reopen again.

  • Janet Joseph
    Janet Joseph
    a week ago

    Went twice... before 2017& was just so perfect that I kept wanting to go... perfect for families and good buffet spread with beautiful rooms to stay in...not sure the condition now

  • Asif baltee
    Asif baltee
    a year ago

    One way to improve Gambang Water Park could be to invest in new and exciting water rides and attractions. This park could offer more amenities such as lounge chairs, and umbrellas for guests. Another way to improve the park could be to offer more food and beverage options, including healthier options, and have more seating areas for guests to enjoy their meals. Finally, the park could also improve customer service by providing more staff members to assist guests and ensure their safety. The high price of amenities at Gambang Water Resort Pahang is a major drawback for many visitors. The resort charges exorbitant rates for basic amenities such as cabanas, tubes, and even water bottles, which can add up quickly and eat into the budget of a family or group. Additionally, the resort's food and drink prices are also significantly higher making it a less attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Overall, the high cost of amenities at Gambang Water Resort Pahang is a major downside that may deter many potential visitors from choosing to visit there.

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